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Wall of Shame: RPG Bomba Edition

You'll question Japan's love of RPGs when you see this:


I was searching my local Bic for cheap copies of Metal Gear Solid 4 so that I could make fun of the announcement today of a budget version of the game. Instead of MGS4, however, I found this:

That's Phanasy Star Zero and Avalon Code at 980 yen, and Shining Force Feather at 1,980 yen!

For just five times the price of the DSi Ware version of PS0, you can get the full game!

Next to those, I saw this:

The Wii version of Echoes of Time apparently didn't do as well as the DS version.

And buried in the bin was this:

White Knight Chronicles for cheap!

Maybe Sony can update the disc with the new code from the 1st Wave update, put a "new" sticker on the box, and sell it for full price again.

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