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SaGa 2 to be superior to next generation games.

Latest update at the game's official site.


I tend to hate Square Enix official sites because they're so totally bloated with Flash that they make my MacBook kick into hyper drive.

The SaGa 2 site is no exception, but at least it has an amazing background song greeting visitors. I can listen to that violin theme all day.

The site also got something today that had previously eluded it: actual content. Prior to today's update, the site just had a general story section and a couple of wallpaper downloads. To that, Square Enix has a character section and a couple of additional wallpapers.

The "character" section is actually a "character class" section.

SaGa 2 character classes.

From left to right, you have the following:

Human (Male/Female)
Humans see their parameters rise naturally through repeated battle. Males have high strength and HP, and are easy to build up, so you can expect a high attack strength. Females are fast and also easy to build up. They can be useful in battle to strike first.
Esper (Male/Female)
Espers, like humans, rise in strength by repeated battles. They'll also suddenly learn special abilities. Males have high magical power and have a special ice ability. Females have low HP but high speed and magic power. They have a special fire ability.
Meka grow stronger not through repeated battle, but by being equipped with equipment. That is to say, they don't rise in power following battle, and instead undergo status changes when you equip them with weapons and defensive items. They have high HP and are above average in other statuses. However, they do not have magic ability.
Monster: Mini Dragon, Imp
Monsters grow by transforming into other monsters as they consume the meat left by enemies following battle. You can play as three types of monsters from the start, of which two are introduced at the site. The Mini Dragon has nail and fire skills from the start and is nicely balanced. The Imp (this may not be the correct English) has low HP but high speed. In addition to a nail attack, it has a "thurible" magic attack which can make enemies sleep.

The download page now has wallpapers for all these classes.

In addition to the main site update, the SaGa official blog has also been given an update. I have absolutely no idea what most of it says. There is one statement of note, though: "We're developing SaGa 2 with no compromises in quality in order to beat out next generation hardware."

The pic of the yellow guy with the stylus is apparently the first look at the battle system.

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