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Team Entertainment details Atelier Rorona Soundtrack

Two disc soundtrack arriving simultaneously with the game.


Team Entertainment shared details today on a soundtrack for Aterlier Rorona, Gust's upcoming PlayStation 3 entry in the popular Atelier series of alchemy-themed RPGs.

The Atelier Rorona: Alchemist of Airand Original Soudntrack will be released opposite the game, on June 24. Priced at 3,360 yen, the two disc set offers a total of 67 tracks. This includes over 60 pieces of BGM from the game, the opening theme song "Falling, The Star Light," and the ending theme song, "Fushigi na Recipe" ("Mysterious Recipe").

Fans can also look forward to a 12 page full color booklet.

The Atelier Rorona soundtrack packaging.

More details on the Atelier Rorona game can be found at the official site, which was updated late last week with new details on character and gameplay systems, along with a close up look at the game's opening animation.

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