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What's new with Moving Memo Version 2

Nintendo adds new functionality, discovers the internet again.


As detailed here earlier in the day, Nintendo made available a free update for its DSi Ware Moving Memo software today. Here's a look at what's new, as detailed at the official site.

High Level Commands

By turning this on in the settings menu, you'll gain access to new types of pens and brushes, along with a small sized eraser, allowing for more precise adjustments. You also gain the ability to split your drawing into two layers, copy and paste particular areas, and shrink and expand the full memo.

Ugo Letter

This new functionality for the Ugomemo Theater viewer allows you to use the internet to send memos directly to friends. This will only work with users with whom you've previously sent a memo using the local Send Memo feature (using either the new or old version of the software). Notices from Hatena will also arrive via the Ugo Letter functionality.

Direct Comments

Currently, the Ugomemo Hatena online viewing site allows users to post comments on works that have been uploaded. With version 2 of the software, this functionality will be replicated on the DSi in the software's Ugomemo Theater area. This functionality is referred to as "Chotto Memo" (Short Memo) and allows users to submit hand-written comments and pictures.

Colored Star Functionality

The software is now compatible with Hatena's colored stars, allowing you to flag memos with stars of a variety of colors. These colored stars are obtained in the form of a Color Star Box from Hatena's Color Star Shop using points.

Channels added to Ugomemo Theater

Currently, the Ugomemo Hatena site splits up content into channels based off themes. With Version 2, the in-game Ugomemo Theater will offer channel support as well. The content of the in-game channels matches up the content at the Ugomemo Hatena site.

My Room Functionality

The Ugomemo Theater area of the software gets "My Room" functionality, allowing you to view your profile and the memos that you've uploaded. You also get quick access to your favorite channels, your favorite authors, and memos that you've flagged with stars. This area also has some sort of "Command Search" functionality where, by inputing special commands, you'll be able to search for memos, channels, and authors. I'm not totally sure what this particular feature is about.

It should be noted that memos made with version 1 of the software will work just fine in version 2. Nintendo apparently wants players to upgrade, however, as after a certain amount of time, the original version's Hatena Theater viewing mode will cease to work.

Check the the Nintendo site for screens. I'll post some here a bit later.

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