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Most Read Article Widget Up

Now you can find out what articles you'd be reading if you weren't so... different.


I rolled out a slight addition to the site today, a "top ten" style widget which lists the most read content on the site. It's currently available only on the About Page, but I'll probably put it or some variation of it on other sections in the near future.

The widget makes use of the new Google Analytics API, which permits programatic access to Analytics data (Analytics is a powerful -- and free -- tool from Google for getting reports on website traffic). There was a technique for doing this in the past without the API, but I was waiting for something more official.

Unfortunately, a PHP API for accessing the API (yes, an API for an API) wasn't included in the release. But that wasn't such a big deal, as some dude named Vincent Kleijnendorst whipped together one on his own. This is particularly impressive when you consider that the Analytics API only launched on the 21st!

You can access Vincent's PHP API here.

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