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Noby Noby Boy Gets Gassy

Version up hits tomorrow!


Girl may have no hope of ever reaching the Mars, but she'd do best to get as far away from Earth as possible. Noby Noby Boy is getting a big update tomorrow, and one of the upgrades is of particular concern: "Fart Boy."

The free upgrade, which takes place automatically when you boot up the game while connected online, brings the game to Version 1.1. Some of the updates were detailed at the Game Developers Conference, but the crazy Nobi Nobi Boy official site lists the following:

  • "Offline Multi Boys" mode with play for up to four.
  • Onara Boy (Fart Boy)
  • Sound powered up, with additional sound effects and the ability to select music
  • Added variations for your Boy House hair styles
  • Changes to the poses for when birds think
  • ... and more and more

Very intriguing... especially that "and more and more part!

Here's a shot of the new offline multiplayer mode:

Here's an illustration showing the version up content:

Fart Boy is can be seen in the bottom left. There's a "ya" coming out of his back and a "ka" coming out of his front. Apparently, Fart Boy involves eating something and...

You can apparently see a video of the update at the official site. I looked and looked, but just couldn't find it. But Namco Bandai says it's there!

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