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Sweet Brown Jesus Harvest Moon WiiWare is Expensive!

1,500 yen is hard to justify when there's no Squenix Tax.


Harvest Moon hits WiiWare today. Hooray!

Harvest Moon WiiWare costs 1,500 yen. Boooo!!!

The last time a WiiWare game cost 1,500 yen, it had the words Final Fantasy in the title (My Life as a King). The 1,500 yen price may have been justifiable when you take the old Square Enix tax into account, but even Square Enix appears to have had second thoughts about that price, and thus My Life as a Dark Lord is just 1,000 yen.

Harvest Moon is going to have to be one fulfilling experience to warrant 1,500 yen. I mean, who ever heard of a Harvest Moon tax? I wouldn't pay that.

Marvelous is also asking some super high prices for the game's download content. Available today opposite the full release is the "Yasaya-san Set," or the "Vegetable Shop Set." Get this, and you'll be able to add watermelons to your garden, make watermelon juice through a mini game, and also gain access to cute vegetable-themed accessories. There's absolutely no question that this is totally worthy of getting its own download content pack.

But is it worthy of a 500 yen price tag?

The Vegetable Shop Set.

We'll see. Or maybe not. I may just decide to save my Wii Points for something better (and cheaper!). Even though I just dig the cute characters:

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