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This is Escape Virus

Peakvox plans international release for first WiiWare title.


Most WiiWare games don't see their full unveiling until just a few days before their release. Peakvox decided to buck this trend (darn trend buckers) and started speaking about its first WiiWare title, Escape Virus, yesterday, a full month ahead of the game's May 26 release.

While the game had been previously announced, yesterday saw the opening of a full official site along with screenshots and gameplay details.

In Escape Virus, you take control of a piece of DNA in a micro world and attempt to flee from attacking viruses. The game's genre is "Escape Action."

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As you flee your would-be infectors, you meet up and merge with other DNA, growing progressively longer. Get hit by a virus, and you and your DNA friends will split apart.

As you collect points, items appear in the stage. The official site lists just two. "Immunity" lets you shoot out bombs from your DNA to viruses. "Vaccine" makes you invincible for a while, causing the viruses to flee.

The standard control scheme for the game has you move the DNA about exclusively with the nunchuck analogue stick. The game has analogue sensitivity, so you can make your DNA move fast or slow. You press Z (or A on the Wiimote) to make your DNA jump, allowing you get out of being surrounded by viruses. Other control options include the Classic Controller and GameCube controller.

While Escape Virus is about DNA and viruses, it has actual characters. Your player character is a cute eye-like character named DNA. The viruses have names like Stress, Landiss, and Chasusu (I'm not sure if these latter two are supposed to mean anything).

Outside of the game's normal mode of play, you'll find the following:

Radio Controller
Your DNA moves forward automatically, and you rotate it left and right.
Zoom Ichinippa
A time attack mode where you attempt to save 128 DNA friends as fast as possible. "Ichinippa" is how one might say 128 in Japanese if he thought he was being cool.
Not sure about the English transliteration of the name, but this mode has you attempt to flee a gradually increasing population of viruses without any friend DNA.
You take control of a DNA who gains the ability to shoot at the viruses.
The mode select screen (left), the world ranking screen (center), and the battle history screen (right).

The official site has a Wi-Fi "world ranking" section, suggesting that an overseas release is planned. The game's official blog confirms that Peakvox plans on working on an overseas release following completion of the Japanese version, but has to search for a publisher first.

Peakvox appears to be trying pretty hard. They even have an English site:

Here's a video of the game, as posted by the publisher at YouTube.

It looks like Escape Virus will offer up a lot in terms of gameplay, and some nice aesthetics to boot. All this for 500 WiiPoints! Look for Escape Virus on May 26.

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