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Nintendo taking over schools, museums with DS

New program further expands DS non-game use.


The DS can be used as of April 25 at the Ispiari shopping center at Tokyo Disney Resort. So what's next? A whole lot more, it seems!

The Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported today that Nintendo has developed a new system that allows users to easily produce and distribute DS content to match their needs in such settings as schools and other public facilities.

The paper mentions two specific areas: schools and museums. In the case of schools, teachers will be able to send out original learning materials and problems directly to a student's DS. The student can then get cracking on the solutions. At museums, the DS can be used to view descriptions of exhibits.

While not getting too specific, the paper did provide a more solid example for school use. Schools that adopted Nintendo's program would distribute DS systems to students. Teachers would then prepare learning materials on the PC. These materials could bet transfered wirelessly to a student's DS. To use the system, the school would have to install the required software to their computers and have wireless LAN set up in their classrooms.

Regarding the new system, Nintendo told the paper, "Teachers and students can achieve closer communication."

The paper reports that schools in Kanagawa and Kyoto are looking into adopting the new system.

Just what form Nintendo's special system takes wasn't mentioned by the online edition of the paper (I unfortunately do not currently have access to the print edition at -- it may have more details), but it appears to be a PC program for content creation.

Nikkei scoops are usually followed a few days later by official details, so we'll hopefully get a formal press release from Nintendo shortly.

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