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This week's surprise WiiWare game is DLCed to hell

Edutation is expensive.


Tuesday is WiiWare day, and that always means the release of a new, previously unannounced game. This week's surprise was particularly special because I'm pretty sure it instantly earned the record for most DLCed game in Wii history.

Home Media released its learning program "Kodomo Kyouiku Terebi Wii A-i-u-e-o-chan" for WiiWare today. The name translates to "Children's Learning Television" followed by the Japanese equivalent of the alphabet.

The Ouchan of the title is the guy in pink.

Here's the official site for this edutatinment title: http://home-media.jp/aiueo/. Be forewarned that no one educated Home Media in the proper etiquette of allowing visitors to your website to disable sound.

Children's Learning Television is meant to be played by families on their living room television. Up to three users can make a virtual room to be customized with wallpaper, tables, calendars, clocks and more. Keep your system connected to WiiConnect24, and your room's window will reflect real weather changes.

Your room. You can make up to three.

The program includes a cast of cute character who will make appearances in your room and apparently place phone calls to you. You can access a couple of special animations at the character page of the official site (click on the clouds).

From what I can tell 700 WiiPoints will get you just the room functionality and a "Iro Maze Mixer" (this translates to, perhaps, "Color Mixer") game. Other mini games and drills are accessed through paid download contents. And there's a whole lot! Try 29 pieces in all right off the bat! These are split between six educational categories. Prices for the range between 200 and 400 WiiPoints.

I think these are the mini games. I wonder what a four dollar mini game is like.

Since I don't have kids, I think I'm going to save my cash for Asobu Made in Ore.

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