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Sega shares Virtual On Tips

Plus, an update on an update about those darn Twin Sticks.


Virtual On hits Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow. But the dream Twin Sticks peripheral does not hit retail tomorrow. What went wrong?

A posting at the Virtual On blog, apologizes for the delays regarding the peripheral but promises an update on the state of the peripheral in the following days.

This doesn't mean, of course, that the peripheral is guaranteed. But it at least appears to suggest that Sega hasn't completely given up on the idea.

Whenever the update comes, it won't be next week, as the the blog is on break for Golden Week.

As I've said in past play tests, the game appears to play just fine with the standard 360 controller, so I'll be making the download without worrying about any additional hardware.

Of course, the more hardcore VO players will probably do the same but are also hoping for authentic controls. For these players, I suggest a look at this Japanese blog, which offers up some unique solutions.

See the blog for a closer look.

In addition to the new blog post, the VO official site saw a couple of additional sections today for Mode and System, along with a Special"Special" section containing some tricks.

Here are just three:

Access Test Temjin
First, clear arcade mode as Temjin, in any difficulty. Then, go to the single player VR select screen and push X at the following selections: Temjin (once), Random (once), Raiden (twice), Bal-Bados (twice), Angelan (twice), Grys-vok (three times)
Access Test Raiden
First, clear arcade mode as Raiden, in any difficulty. Then, go to the single player VR select screen and push X at the following selections: Apharmd B (once), Apharmd S (once), Dordray (twice), Specineff (twice), Fei-Yen Kn (twice), Cypher (three times)
Make Ajim Appear
Ajim can be used once you've fought him in arcade mode -- you don't even need to beat him. Apparently, you have a higher chance of making him appear by repeatedly winning battles through time overs. Once you've fought him, you can access him in the VR select screen by moving your pointer over the random select option, and confirming your choice while holding down the right and left turbo buttons.

It should be noted that the test Virtualoids can't access the following: mid-air dash, vertical turn, turbo attack, random color. Ajim sees his life gradually deplete with time, unless you're facing off against another Ajim.

There are a few other interesting secrets at the the special page, which I'm going to have to leave to you to translate on your own. Here's just one more. When starting up the game, be sure and keep A pressed. You'll get to hear a familiar chime.

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