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Get your Gyakuten Kenji key covers and clear files!

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These latest Gyakuten Kenji products require you to ask yourself two questions. First, did you ever want to cover up the base part of your key? You know, to protect it from -- say -- fingerprints?

If the answer is yes, did you ever want to do that, but using characters from the Gyakuten Saiban series?

If the answer is still yes, then these are the products for you:

These key covers are from the Gyakuten Kenji and Gyakuten Saiban series, featuring Tonosaman (left) and Taihokun (right). Priced at 714 yen, they will be sold through Animate, WonderGoo, and the e-Capcom commerce site starting May 28.

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The key covers will be joined by a set of A4 clear files featuring Gyakuten Kenji art. Two sets, each including two clear files, will be available, respectively offering clear files for Reiji and Mikumo, and Sheena and Ichiru.

All four clear files share the same piece of official Gyakuten Kenji artwork:

These will be released on May 28 at 788 yen through the same sources listed above.

Not surprisingly, Gyakuten Kenji also comes out on the 28th.

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