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Nintendo pimps Wii no Ma

Plus, Wii no Ma Ltd.?


Last week, Nintendo formally unveiled the Wii no Ma service through a page at the wii.jp site. Today, it shared more standard official information sites off the main nintendo.co.jp site.

Go here for closer looks at the two key components of the service:

There isn't too much new information at those pages, but here are a couple of points.

  • The Dokodemo Wii no Ma DSi Ware program will be able to play videos exclusively from Wii no Ma. It's not a general video playback program.
  • You'll be able to recommend past concierge visits to friends and families. As announced, concierges can be re-accessed through the message board part of the program.
  • The calendar part of the program, which offers daily multimedia content, will ink up with the Weather Channel to show weekly weather forecasts.

I'm a bit alarmed that Nintendo hasn't given specifics about the "video coupon" part of the Dokodemo Wii no Ma program. The only coupon they've shown is, as shown below, for the fictional Burgershop, giving 100 yen off a cheese burger set. The text in white says to show the screen to the store clerk to validate the coupon.

The DS part of the Wii no Ma program. The coupon is to the right.

I wonder if I'll be able to use this thing at Burger King to get some relief from the ridiculous Whopper price over here.

There's one particularly interesting bit at the Nintendo home page about Wii no Ma -- although it's at the IR section of the site. Nintendo has posted a series of video interview session in which CEO Satoru Iwata asks questions about Wii no Ma.

The questions are asked to a variety of people, including the CEO of Seven & i (parent company of Seven Eleven and Denny's), and producers and directors from television production companies East, and TV Man Union.

The most mysterious of the interviews is with a Yoshihiro Suzuki, apparently of a company called "Wii no Ma." The video page lists this as a publicly traded company, but I couldn't find any information on it. I didn't conduct an exhaustive search, so if anyone wants to do a little investigating, search for "Wiiの間株式会社".

According to the interview, Suzuki is a former Fuji TV producer with such credits as Densha Otoko, Yougisha X, and Seiyuuki.

Asked about the appeal of Wii no Ma, he says that it will allow video content creators to make what they want to make, rather than what they think viewers want them to make. Once the newly created content is placed on Wii no Ma, they'll be able to get direct feedback from users on whether the content is interesting or not. He expects that by repeating this process, the gap will narrow between what viewers want to see and what creators want to make.

Mr. Suzuki, apparently of the Wii no Ma company.

Wii no Ma kicks off tomorrow. I'll try and post impressions.

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