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Fate/Unlimited Codes Portable art book revealed

Check out the artwork samples and realize why retail will never be fully replaced.


I was keeping up with all the PSP announcements over the week from America (Tekken and Soul Calibur haven't, for the record, been announced for Japan yet), and one particular announcement crossed my eye. Fate/Unlimited Codes Portable is getting a stateside release, only it will be in download-only form.

Here in Japan, the game is a full retail release, and thankfully so, as retail gives you a chance at stuff like this:

That's the cover of the Fate/Unlimited Codes Artworks art book that's being included as a bonus item with the Fate/Unlimited Codes Portable Extend Edition. This version of the game will be released exclusively through e-Capcom at 6,240 yen, 1,000 yen above the game's standard version.

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Inside, the 32 page B5 book includes sections for each of the characters, with artwork, opening and ending illustrations, and a collection of facial expressions. The book also has poster and packaging visuals, magazine cover illustrations, post card illustrations and more, all with commentary from Type-Moon illustrator Takashi Takeuchi.

The bundle also includes a set of clear covers which can be placed on top of the main cover to play dress up.

Fate/Unlimited Codes Portable hits retail on June 18.

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