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Get this Lucario Doll item at Pokemon Center

Do it before my compile finishes!!!


Please note that I don't know nothing about this "POKEMON," and am only writing about this because I'm in the middle of a compile and have nothing else to do.

Hey kids, "compile" means to have your computer process computer code into an executable format -- that is to say, a format that can be executed. Before Nintendo releases a Pokemon game, they compile it so that you can play it with more convenience.

Today's Pokemon update come just in time for the start of Golden Week. Nintendo announced today the upcoming start of a campaign to be held at Pokemon Centers throughout Japan. From May 1 ("May Day" -- not a holiday, but it's a Saturday anyway) through May 31, visitors to the Pokemon Center facilities in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Yokohama, and Sapporo can bring their DS, DS Lite or DSi systems and a copy of either Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl, or Pokemon Platinum to get Lucario Doll, an Underground item. This item cannot be obtained through normal play of the game.

Lucario Doll is the little purple thing in the left screenshot above. Once you've made a Secret Base in The Underground, you can freely place the Lucario Doll and other such goods, as in the right screenshot above.

Now you know.

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