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Mr. Takahashi Wins the Dissidia Final Fantasy Developer Tournament

See the development staff fight it out.


In case you were wondering which Dissidia Final Fantasy staff member actually played the game during the course of it's development, the answer was revealed today with the posting of tournament videos pitting the staffers against one-another.

The tournament consisted of six staff members along with one editor from Dengeki PlayStation. In the end, a Mr. Takahashi, the game's planning director, used his Garland to beat... some other guys' Zidane (I'm not sure how to read his name).

See the tournament videos for yourself at the Dissidia official site. They're under the movie section of the site, which I'd directly link to except that Square Enix still apparently hasn't figured out that people like linking to specific sections of sites.

The text commentary at the bottom of the clip is Takahashi's.

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