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Xbox 360 players are loners

This and more from Nintendo's latest research.


Nintendo is continuing with its pre-release promotions for Wii no Ma. Joining earlier updates at the Nintendo official site, the Wii no Ma page at the wii.com site was given an update of its own in the form of a lengthy video speech from CEO Satoru Iwata.

You can see the full clip here.

I haven't listened to the whole speech yet, but here are some graphs Iwata posted:

This one shows household user counts separated by platforms. Wii leads the way with 3.4 users per household. Xbox 360 lags with just 1.5.

Well come on, would you play this in front of your relatives?

Next, a graph showing the Wii's userbase, charted by age (increasing from left to right), male (blue) and female (pink). The units are in 1,000, with the extrema reaching 400,000.

The point of the graph is that Nintendo has a pretty much 50-50 split at most age groups. Except for the very elderly, it seems, where only females play Wii.

According to the fine print, the data for these charts was assembled in January through interviews in Osaka and Tokyo reaching a sample of 3,045 people.

One other point given by Iwata in the first few minutes that I was able to listen is that 87% of Wii owners use the Wii on the biggest television in the house -- the one in the living room.

(Obviously, PS3 and 360 users keep use their system in their personal THX-certified HD theater spaces).

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