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Xbox 360 Time Leap download ticket included with Gemaga

Sample latest in 360 love now!


Gemaga is one of my favorite magazines, but it's pretty expensive at almost 1,000 yen each issue. The June issue may be worth the price, though.

A post at the Gemaga official blog reveals that this month's issue includes a download code that will allow you to sample Time Leap in advance. The issue hit news stands yesterday.

Time Leap is the 360's latest love simulation. Yes, in 2009 that combination of words does actually make sense!

A port of a 2007 PC game, the 360 version adds new scenarios and events. The PC version offered 3D character visuals, which will presumably translate well to the 360.

Kick to the face.

I haven't had a chance to input character data into my database yet (so you can't point to them with your mouse and have their names pop up), but click here for an image gallery.

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