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King of Fighters XII Home Version Detailed

New modes and arcade-style network play mode on the way.


Home versions of King of Fighters XII were official announced a couple of months back. At long last, solid details have leaked on what's new for PS3 and Xbox 360 players. This information comes from a retail listing at Rakuten.

The retailer says to expect over 22 characters for the game, two of which are hidden. This isn't specified in the "new elements for the home version" section of the listing, so I'm not sure if this means SNK Playmore is preparing new characters for home players or not.

What is confirmed as new are two input modes designed to match player level, and a character and illustration gallery.

The home versions will offer online play. The online combat mode is designed to replicate the feel of the arcade. Players join online rooms where they form lines to fight. While waiting for their turn, players can watch the current fight and take part in chat.

SNK Playmore is working on some community features for the game. Players can form clans and make use of "clan message boards" and "clan challenges," the latter allowing for internal clan matches. Online rooms will feature "friend slots," which can be used to invite your friends to the room.

These screens were handed out by Microsoft at its Spring press conference last month. The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions will presumably look identical.

These details are for the PS3 version of the game, which is listed at the retailer as due out on July 16 at 7,140 yen. The retailer does not have a listing for the 360 version yet, although it was confirmed for Japanese release at Microsoft's big Spring press conference last month.

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