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PS3 Sales Jump Three Times in April

Final Fantasy XIII demo sees big effect.


A few early April game stats courtesy of Enterbrain and Mainichi.jp. As expected, PS3 was the big winner for the month, with sales of 109,000 units. The system sold 288% higher this April than it did last April.

For the month of April 2009 (covering March 30 to April 26), the games market reached a total of 273,000 million yen. This was down 65.5% from last year's 417,000 million yen. The reason could be the lack of major releases. Last year around this time, the market saw Mario Kart Wii (4/10) and Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G (3/27). The latter ended up going on to be the best selling game for the year.

The top software seller for the month was Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky, with 198,000 units. Monster Hunter G, with its Monster Hunter 3 demo, saw 142,000 units. Sengoku Basara (PSP) came in at third with 130,000 units.

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