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Capcom breaks sales records

Company expecting success to continue next year.


Capcom's earnings have arrived at last, and they do look good.

The company saw sales of 91,878 million yen over the year ending March 31, 2009, a 10.6% jump over last year and its highest total ever. Operating income was up 11.4% to 14,618 million yen, with net income up 3.3% to 8,063 million yen.

Looking exclusively at video games, sales increased 21.7 over the previous year to 62,892 million yen. Operating income leaped 41.2% to 16,392 million yen.

As strong performers, the company noted that Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G "took the market by storm," although it was technically released at the end of the last fiscal year. Worldwide, it made note of Resident Evil 5 aand Street Fighter IV as having respectively topped the four and two million marks.

For next year, the company expects an increase in sales 0f 3.4% to 95,000 million yen and an increase in operating income of 6.0% to 15,500 million yen.

For further specifics, see the Capcom English IR page.

Capcom also updated its Business Strategies page with details on its million selling titles. It's a bit difficult to see what's new in there, but those who want to explore can view the platinum sellers page.

Taken series by series, as detailed here, here's how things look now:

  • Resident Evil: 56 games, 40 million units
  • Mega Man: 124 games, 28 million units
  • Street Fighter: 62 games, 27 million units
  • Devil May Cry: 11 games, 10 million units
  • Monster Hunter: 11 games, 8.5 million units
  • Onimusha: 12 games, 7.8 million units
  • Dino Crisis: 13 games, 4.4 million units
  • Ghosts'n Goblins: 16 games, 4.4 million units
  • Ace Attorney: 12 games, 3.2 million units
  • Final Fight: 10 games, 3.2 million units
  • Breath of Fire: 15 games, 3 million units
  • Lost Planet: 7 games, 2.7 million units
  • Sengoku Basara: 10 games, 1.2 million units
  • Commando: 2 games, 1.2 million units
  • 1942: 3 games, 1.2 million units

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