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Hero 30 gets Valhalla Knights tie-up stage

A crossover no one asked for.


Hero 30 (aka Yuusha 30) offers up four different types of retro-style gaming experiences. Actually make that five. Today, MMV unveiled a special Valhalla Knights stage for the game.

The Hero 30 Valhalla Knights stage will allow players to earn money by taking up requests from around town, and hire up to three allies to join them in a party. Valhalla Knights 2 will also be represented in the game through events and boss characters.

The big question is, of course, why Valhalla Knights? Why not... well, to be totally honest, anything would be preferable.

We all know the answer, of course. Note the little banner at the Hero 30 page shown in the image above? The banner points to Valhalla Knights 2: Battle Stance, an update to Valhalla Knights 2. That update hits the PSP on June 25, just in time to get some crossover advertising from Hero 30.

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