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Sword World 2.0 Set For DS

Tabletop RPG seeing game conversion through Broccoli.


Online retailer Game Star spilled its weekly beans today, and the beans fell into the shape of a DS game based off the Sword World 2.0 tabletop RPG.

Sword World 2.0 Game Book DS will hit the DS through Broccoli (yes, there's a publisher named "Broccoli here in Japan) on August 27. The game sees players work through a story, holding the DS in book form. When you encounter an enemy, you enter into battles, whose results are determined by your character's parameters as well as dice rolls, just like one would expect of a TRPG.

The Game Book part of the title is, it seems, in reference to the 1980s choose-your-own-path books that preceded today's sound novels and visual novels (eek -- I actually remember owning a few of these!). This genre is meant to imply that the game is more approachable than a standard game but more playable than a digital novel.

This is artwork from the Sword World official site. No assets have been shared for the game yet.

In addition to a standard 5,040 yen version, Broccoli will offer a 7,140 yen limited edition. This includes an original dice strap, a box with special artwork, and a TRPG play mat.

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