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SaGa 2 Named and Dated

Square Enix gives the DS remake a full official site.


Hey SaGa 2, state your name and name your date!

The answers you're looking for are "SaGa 2 Hiho Densetsu Goddess of Destiny" and "Fall 2009."

Until now SaGa 2 official site has been home to a few story details, a few wallpapers, some character class details, a totally indecipherable blog, and a chilling violin theme song.

Today, the site got a huge overhaul, and now looks like this:

[end_p text="Click here for screens and more for SaGa 2" /]

Despite the completely new appearance, most of the content at the site is old -- just presented in a new way. From what I can see, the character, story, and wallpaper sections are the same, although the story section now has a short movie. The chilling violin theme is still there, although it's more fleshed out and doesn't sound nearly as chilling.

New content includes the final name (the "Goddess of Destiny" part wasn't there before), the more specific time frame (the title was previously marked as TBA 2009), and a trailer section which contains a short clip showing most facets of the game.

Screens of SaGa 2, released today by Square Enix.
The SaGa Series 20th anniversary logo.

This looks like it will be one of Square Enix's next big DS titles following Kingdom Hearts, so expect periodic updates at the official site. In the meanwhile, be sure and check out all the past SaGa 2 coverage here on this site.

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