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Sony announces yet another Bleach game

Demo of Soul Carnival sequel to ship with Heat the Soul 6.


Has there ever been an anime franchise as milked as Bleach? Bleach: Heat the Soul 6, set for release on the 14th, is the 7th Bleach PSP game, and, according to my database, the 21st Bleach game across all platforms thus far. That's 21 games since August 2005. And I've probably undercounted.

Sony's not calling it quits yet! An update at the Heat the Soul 6 official site details some of the bonus content that you'll be getting with the game. Of prominent note is an included demo of Bleach: Soul Carnival 2. Yes, Soul Carnival is getting a sequel, it and it's apparently far enough in development that people will be playing it later this week!

Different from the Heat the Soul one-on-one versus fighting series, Soul Carnival features big-headed Bleach characters and 2D scrolling action. The game also has a few RPG elements, including level-ups and accessories to further strengthen your characters.

As far as I know, Sony hasn't shared any details on what additions players can expect for Soul Carnival 2, but with the demo arriving on Thursday, an official announcement will presumably follow.

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