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Capcom recaps 2008, looks to 2009

Nine Wii titles on the way; Lost Planet 2 listed for 360 and "other."


Following last week's earnings statement, Capcom provided a closer look today at its operations in 2008 and its goals for 2009. Included are sales targets for some major games.

The details came as part of an investors briefing conference, but Capcom was also good enough to put up English versions of its presentation materials at its investor relations page.

Interested parties can consult the presentation materials for themselves, but here are a few of the major points specifically about the company's video game business:


Enterbrain sales figures have Capcom as the fourth biggest domestic publisher for the year, with 7.3% market share. Nintendo, of course, was number one with 28.9%, with Namco Bandai coming in at second with 14.2% and Konami third with 8.7%.

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Overseas, Capcom was 18th in North America with 0.93% market share and 20th in Europe with 0.8% market share. Europe had Nintendo at top, followed by EA, Activision, and UBI Soft. Capcom was not able to share other company figures for North America due to NPD request.


Resident Evil 5 shipped a total of 4.4 million units. This figure was split 1.95 million for North America, 1.7 million for Europe, and 750,000 for Japan. SFIV shipped 2.5 million units, split 1.4 million for North America, 850,000 for Europe, and 250,000 for Japan.

Capcom noted that for the fiscal year, shipments for major game titles were 90% overseas and 10% Japan. This proportion matches the respective market shares.

However, total shipments for overseas markets were just 30% of Capcom's total game shipments for the year. The company's medium term goal is to reach an overseas sales ratio of 65%.

The highest shipped Capcom game in any single market was Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G which, along with its budget version, shipped 2.2 million units to Japan over the period. It should be noted that the game was released just before the start of the fiscal year. Total sales for the game have topped three million, as previously reported.


For 2009, Capcom aims to release versions of major titles for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, making use of the MT Framework development tool.

Wii is not being left out. The company plans on introducing versions of major game series for the platform. For 2009, the company plans 9 Wii games. This figure includes Monster Hunter 3 and Resident Evil Dark Side Chronicles.

The company also shared sales targets for major 2009 titles. Lost Planet 2, which is listed in the presentation materials as targeting Xbox 360 and "other," is planned for 2009 release with 2.7 million sales. Monster Hunter 3, planned for summer in Japan and 2009 in North America and Europe, is targeting 2.0 million units sold globally. The company expects to sell 800,000 additional units of Resident Evil 5. Overseas, it's aiming for 900,000 units of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G.

Despite the added focus on Wii, Capcom expects most of its business for the year ending March 2010 to come on PS3 and Xbox 360. PS3 will get 13 games totaling shipments of 5.3 million units. Xbox 360 will get 12 games totaling shipments of 4.9 million units. Wii's 9 titles will see shipments of 4.2 million. It's lower than the other consoles, but 247.1% of the company's 1.7 million Wii units shipped this year.

The presentation PDF is full of details about all facets of Capcom's business. Interested parties should take a look for themselves.

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