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Luminous Arc characters make cameos in Arc Rise Fantasia

More crossovers from Marvelous.


Looks like Marvelous is all about the crossovers these days. Last week, the company revealed a crossover between Hero 30 and Valhalla Knights. Today, a tie-up between two other RPGs: Arc Rise Fantasia and Luminous Arc.

Luminous Arc's Vanessa, Lucia and Saki will appear as guest characters in Arc Rise Fantasia. They play as the "Strongest Party," having emerged from a different world in search of the strongest person. You'll be able to fight them in a battle training grounds area.

Illustrations for the three characters are being provided by illustrator Kaito Shibano, who served as character designer on Luminous Arc and Luminous Arc 2.

Left to right: Vanessa, Saki, Lucia
Left to right: Vanessa, Saki, Lucia

The Kopin characters from Luminous Arc will also appear in Arc Rise Fantasia. Different from the witches, they will accompany main character L'Arc as a support character.

The Kopia.

In other Luminous Arc news, if if you happen to find yourself in Shinjuku on June 2, a couple of days before Arc Rise Fantasia's June 4 release, you may want to head down to LOFT/PLUS ONE for the "Arc Rise Fantasia Two Nights Before Release Festival! Of Course RPG Ja Night."

There's a pun in that name that cannot possibly be translated to English!

The evening event will see appearances by a number of Arc Rise voice actors, talk stages with the staff, and a live recording of the Arc Rise Lady Radio Hour web radio program. Tickets go on pre-sale through Lawson Tickets on May 16 at 10:00.

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