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Square Enix's new strategy game

What becomes of Alan when only the hills and rivers remain?


Hills and Rivers Remain is the name of Square Enix's latest mobile offering. Available as of yesterday on iMode, this real time strategy game has you expand forces over a map, taking over fortification points that can be used to build your armies, and wiping out all enemies.

The game promises extremely simple commands: send out troops, and move your main base. However, as you're forced to deal with special features of the maps and the movements of your enemy troops, and also have access to items that can turn the course of the battle around in an instant, there is apparently plenty of room for a deeply strategic experience.

There are two modes of play: story mode, where you follow a "dramatic story" that puts you in control of main character Alan (where do they get these silly names?) and a free mode which allows you to replay older maps with customized difficulty and enemy count settings. Players can also look forward to monthly download maps offering heightened difficulty.

Main character Alan (to the right).

Let's see if Square Enix milks this one for all its worth like they did with Crystal Defenders.

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