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For its second Made in Ore contest, Nintendo has chosen a somewhat creative them: "Name of the game is 'Leave it to us.'" Before taking part in the contest, you press a "Leave it to us" button in the Made in Ore software. This button spits out a name. You have to make your game based off the name that gets output.

Submissions for this contest will be accepted through May 25. The results will be announced on June 10.

In case you're wondering, the winner of the previous contest, themed "School", will be announced on the 27th.

In other Made in Ore news, this week's "almost weekly" download game update offers up two games: Let's Rescue and Osoroshitagi. I haven't played it myself, but the last one could translate to "Scary Underwear."

The two new downloadable games: Let's Rescue and Scary Underwear.

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