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Following the expected Famitsu leak yesterday, Capcom formally announced today final release details on Monster Hunter 3.

In case you weren't up on the news yesterday, the Wii killer app is set for release on August 1, priced at 7,340 yen. August 1 is a Saturday, which is a day that's usually reserved for only the biggest game releases. (unrelated side note: Saturdays are often used for Nintendo hardware releases as well)

Capcom will be giving away a special "Monster Head Figure" to buyers on a first come basis. Three figures are being readied, but buyers will get just one at random. Capcom shared just silhouettes today, but promises specifics in a future update.

Outside of the standard software-only edition, Capcom will release a couple of deluxe packs.

The limited edition Monster Hunter 3 Classic Controller Pro Pack will bundle the game with a Classic Controller Pro, all priced at 8,490 yen. Capcom's announcement refers to the controller as just the Classic Controller Pro, suggesting that it won't be a specially designed controller, unlike the gorgeous Monster Hunter-themed Classic Controller that was bundled with G.

Also due for release exclusively through Capcom's e-Capcom online retailer is the Monster Hunter 3 Limited Edition pack. Priced at 9,440 yen, this bundle include MH3 and some limited goods, all in a special box. The goods include a DVD featuring a Monster Hunter 3 making-of feature and a video of the May 6 Monster Hunter 5th Anniversary concert. Capcom is also preparing an additional item of some form for the e-Capcom version.

Pre-orders for the e-Capcom version kick off on May 15.

The e-Capcom limited edition.
The limited edition bonus DVD.

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