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Square Enix Supports DSiWare with Mr. Brain

Upcoming Kimura Takuya drama getting downloadable brain training game.


SMAP is in the news again. But this time, minus the naked hijinks.

Later this month, multi talented SMAP member Kimura Takuya will star in his latest high profile drama, TBS's Mr. Brain. In his first TBS drama in an amazing two years (wow -- get to work, man!), Takuya plays Tsukumo, a police neuroscientist.

Once a hockey player. Once a race car driver. Once an airline pilot. Once a good-for-nothing who unknowingly slept with his sister. Takuya's next role is:

You've got a drama with a brain studies theme and a mega popular member of SMAP who probably knows to keep his clothes on. What a perfect opportunity to give DS owners something they've ever seen before -- a brain training game!

And thus, DSi will be getting Mr. Brain, a brain training game based off the drama. Square Enix is doing the honors, not via retail release, but via a 500 DSi Point DSiWare download that hits on May 27, four days after the drama kicks off.

The game features three modes of play, including judgment and math mini games, which promise to get your brain fully active. Players can take part in a score attack, which uses high scores computed based off "brain level."

I wonder if Square Enix will actually market a DSi Ware game during pricey prime time hours.

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