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New WiiWare game has monkeys, aliens, and musclemen in speedos.

Shield your eyes from Namco Bandai's latest!


WiiWare is quickly becoming the repository for Japan's wackiest game concepts. First there was Nippon Ichi's Hitchhiking game. And now Namco Bandai has stepped up with this:

That's the cast of Muscle March, Namco Bandai's new WiiWare offering. Playing as one of those muscle men (or aliens, or bunnies, or... well, I think the one in the upper right is actually a woman), your goal is to catch a protein thief -- that is to say, a thief who's stolen your stock of protein supplement.

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You do this by chasing the thief through the streets of three themed stages: City, Edo (as in Japan's Edo Era) and Future. As the player, you have just one responsibility. When the thief runs through a wall, you have to hold the Wiimote and Nunchuck in order to make your character pose in the same shape as the hole. You'll then be able to run through the wall and continue your pursuit.

A robber has stolen the protein! Chase after the running back (the one with the clover on his helmet) who's stolen the protein!
Run. Run. Run and through the wall!

Once you reach certain key points in the stage known as "Dash Zones," you have to shake the Wiimote and Nunchuck in order to make one final grab at your target. But just when you think your supplement is secure, another robber grabs it and runs off! Grab three robbers, and you'll advance to the next stage.

Dash Zone, then Catch!

Outside of the single player mode, the game includes a "Ude Kurabe Attack" mode. Here, four players take turns in a score attack, attempting to break through the most walls -- of course, with the correct poses. After five breakthroughs, the game ups the speed.

Mode select
The multiplayer mode has players take turns.

Muscle March is labeled by Namco Bandai as a "Muscle Posing Action" game. Wii owners can look for it on May 26 at 800 WiiPoints. Head over to the official site for a video clip.

From left to right, City stage, Edo stage, and Future stage.

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