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Q Entertainment brings Angel Senki to PS3

A second item-based MMORPG to follow Angel Love Online.


Angel Love Online is currently alone amongst item-based MMORPGs that happen to run on the PS3. But that's going to change thanks once again to ALO's publisher, Q Entertainment.

Q announced today a PS3 version of Angel Senki. The PC MMORPG will be available on PS3 this Fall for download via the PlayStation Store.

The download is free, and there's no charge to play. Q expects to recoup its money through item-based transactions.

Angel Love Online has a similar item-based setup. Angel Senki actually originates from the same developer as ALO, Taiwan's UserJoy Technology.

The Angel Senki logo.

Q said that it decided to bring Angel Senki over to the PS3 due to healthy performance for Angel Love Online on the system. It didn't share specific numbers.

Different from ALO, with Angel Senki, PS3 players may end up starting on equal or close-to-equal ground as PC players. The PC version of the game is still in development, with a closed beta scheduled to begin in on May 27. This presumably means the releases of the two versions won't be too far off.

As with Angel Love, PC and PS3 players will exist on the same servers, allowing them to adventure through the same world.

Screens from the PC version of Angel Senki.

For a closer look at Angel Senki, see the game's official site. As far as I can tell, Q hasn't shared screens of the PS3 version.

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