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SaGa Series Gets Amazing 20 Disc Soundtrack!

This is how you celebrate an anniversary!


If you had a suspicion that there was more to Square Enix's 20th anniversary festivities for the SaGa series than just a DS remake of SaGa 2, you were right! Today, the company unveiled a new item for the anniversary: the Square Enix SaGa Series 20th Anniversary Original Soundtrack Premium Box.

The soundtrack official site.

The theme appears to be 20. For the series' 20th anniversary, Square Enix has prepared a CD box set containing an unbelievable 20 discs. That means the product spans 20 catalogue codes: SQEX-10145-65. Certainly, some environmental and trade regulations are being broken here, but it's for a good cause!

On those 20 discs, you'll find over 500 songs pulled from the 10 SaGa games that are shown at the soundtrack's official site (pictured above). Click on the logos at the site for some charming variations on the series' theme song.

This limited edition package will include two bonuses: a DVD featuring creator interviews, and a 20th anniversary illustration from series illustrator Tomomi Kobayashi.

Preorders are now being accepted at the Square Enix e-Store. Pricing is set at 21,000 yen.

The soundtrack ships out on August 26. Perhaps this is a hint at a release date for the SaGa 2 remake? Currently, Square Enix has the remake flagged for a Fall 2009 release.

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