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Lunar Remake Set for PSP

Gamearts developing new version of classic Sega CD RPG.


Gung Ho Works formally announced today a PSP remake of the classic Gamearts RPG Lunar: Silver Star. The remake will carry the name Lunar: Harmony of Silver Star and will see release this Fall.

A teaser site for the game, unveiled today, currently houses just a single piece of artwork. A full opening for the site is promised in the near future.

The teaser official site.

Word of the game first leaked out from this week's issue of Weekly Famitsu, which later followed up through its online Famitsu.com counterpart with screens and details.

According to the magazine, Harmony of Silver Star is a full remake, with new visuals, and remastered movie scenes and sound. The story is also being fleshed out with previously untold passages detailing past events.

The game is listed in the magazine as being 62% complete. The official site lists Gamearts, the original studio behind the franchise, as developer and planner.

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