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Kojima Productions Announces Friday Announcement

"Next" teaser site gets a slight update.


The announcement for Kojima Production's next game has just been announced. Check back in 95 hours from the publication of this story and you may learn the identity of this:

That's what the Kojima Productions Next, site now looks like. As detailed here last week, the teaser site was opened up following promises in e-mails sent out to Western media outlets. Today's refresh of the site was timed with the unveiling date of May 18 as promised through a teaser ad in last week's Weekly Famitsu.

So, we have an announcement about an announcement about an announcement if you're in America, but just an announcement about an announcement if you're in Japan.

The differences between the two versions of the teaser site are subtle. In addition to the counter, which appears to be counting down to a Friday unveil (likely meaning a blowout in Famitsu which gets leaked out through 2channel on Wednesday), the stormy background is now accompanied by lightning strikes which cause a vague character to appear. It's either a 5, or an S. Some could view it as a tunnel... a tunnel that's snaking around.

Whatever the case, this definitely looks like a new Metal Gear Solid game!

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