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Idol Master Sequel in the works

Producer confirms start of new project.


Namco Bandai just kicked off its Idol Master Nico Nico video portal over the weekend, but there's already some major breaking news to report from the site. A video posted at the site today contains announcement of an Idol Master sequel straight from producer Yozo Sakagami.

The announcement video takes the form of a mock interview with Sakagami following an announcement of the sequel at the Nagoya installment of the Idolmaster 4th Anniversary Party Special Dream Tours music tour. This event was held on the 17th.

Sakagami revealed that, in celebration of Idol Master's fourth anniversary, Namco Bandai has started development on a new Idol Master project, which he referred to as "Project Aimas 2nd Vision" (Aimas is a pairing of Idol and Master -- the Japanese do this kind of shortening all the time with groups of words).

It appears that 2nd Vision will consist of multiple projects, but Sakagami confirmed that a sequel will be one of them. Your favorite Idol Master girls will make it into the game, he confirmed.

The interviewer asked about the setting, but Sakagami said he couldn't share any details. This is just speculation on my part, but the fact that this question was asked should probably be taken as a hint that there will be something special about the setting.

Whatever the new title turns out to be, we're going to have to wait quite a while to play it. Sakagami revealed that the game just started development -- on the Friday before the event, actually. Further announcements will come when the weather gets hot, but after it gets cold. That seems to suggest at least a year-long wait for more details.

There's more Idol Master on the way outside of the sequel. The May 30 Tokyo installment of the tour (which follows installments in Osaka and Fukuoka) will see another major announcement, Sakagami revealed. This announcement is for something other than the sequel.

Those who can't make it to Tokyo will be able to view a live broadcast of the announcement at the Nico Nico Video Idol Master channel.

Regarding the sequel, Idol Master currently has three main games: Idol Master, which appeared both in arcades and on the Xbox 360, Idol Master Live for You, a sequel of sorts for the 360, and Idol Master SP, a recent PSP entry.

The big area of interest for the sequel is, of course, the platform. Namco Bandai has pointed to the game as being a major download content success story on the 360, so a 360 release shouldn't be totally ruled out. But there is a growing PS3 ownership base to consider as well.

Perhaps Idol Master will be going multiplatform this time?

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