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Monster Hunter 3's new stage

Enter the volcano, and meet its ugly, ugly master


Capcom went quiet on the Monster Hunter 3 updates for a while, presumably in order to let Monster Hunter G be the focus of attention. But with a release date now set, and a promotional plan now in place, it looks like the game is going to be seeing periodic updates from now on.

Over the weekend, the company delivered its latest info update to online media. The details mirror the latest Famitsu with info on a new monster and a new area of play.

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The new monster -- the first one introduced since January's Borboros -- is Uragankin . This large, two-legged beast has somewhat of an underbite, and can pound the ground with his lower jaw as an attack.

The new field of play -- the first one introduced since January's desert region -- is Kazan, or Volcano. This mountain of flames sprung up from an ancient forest and is the place that Uragankin calls home.

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