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Wii Motion Plus Debuts at Wii.com

Introduction video and commercial clips await. Plus, hints at new events for June's super sensitive sequel.


Looks like Wii Motion Plus is next in line for Nintendo's formidable marketing engine. The Wii Motion Plus accessory got its very own page today at Wii.com. Go to the site for an introduction movie, a making-of commercial feature showing off Nintendo's use of a super slow motion camera for the game's commercial campaign, and a series of commercial clips (at the bottom of the page).

The page confirms a previously announced June release for a set containing Wii Sports Resort and the Wii Motion Plus accessory. The accessory will also be sold on its own. There's no pricing information at the site.

Not exactly confirmed, but strongly hinted at via the site, are additional events for Resort. The commercials show golf and table tennis. The E3 version of the game last year only had frisbee, sword fighting, and jet ski.

Just in case you thought there would only be three events in Wii Sports Resort.

The Wii Motion Plus peripheral, it should be noted, is not just the little plastic device that attaches to the bottom of your Wiimote. Wii Motion Plus is actually the pairing of the little device with an extra long rubber jacket. When you connect Wii Motion Plus to your Wiimote, the jacket wraps around as well. Likewise, when you disconnect the accessory, the jacket gets unwrapped as well.

It's unclear if you'll be able to easily seaparate Wii Motion Plus from the long jacket. But as someone who totally hates the feel of the Wiimote condoms, you can bet I'll try!

On a side note, the official name for the extra long condom is "Long Jacket." This is revealed in the Iwata Q&A feature that also appears at the site. I'll put up details from there later if there's anything else of note.

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