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Yoichi Wada Needs an Ass Whoopin'

Square Enix prez on Final Fantasy XIII and Dragon Quest IX releases.


Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada is quite the joker. During the Q&A portion of an investors meeting, held today in Tokyo to announce Square Enix's earnings for the past year, Wada was asked if Final Fantasy XIII would truly be released this term. His response: "Only god knows. Just joking (laughs). We'll work hard."

A similar question was brought up for Dragon Quest IX. After considering for a moment, he said "I believe it will indeed be released."

Wada also briefly addressed overseas release plans for his company's two biggest pre-Eidos titles. For FFXIII, he said "We'd like to release it overseas this fiscal year, but at present it doesn't look likely." For Dragon Quest IX, he said that Square Enix will need to firmly establish a strategy prior to release.

All this information comes from Inside Games and Impress Watch, who were in attendance at the briefing. See those sites for pics and slides, and check back here for more on Square Enix's earnings shortly.

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