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Capcom Plans Monster Hunter 3 Tour

Coming to a fancy event space near you, free of swine flu!


Capcom's secret Monster Hunter 3 marketing plan from last week made mention of a demo event of some form for the game. Today, the company shared specifics.

Gamers will have an early chance at what will likely be summer's biggest game through the Monster Hunter 3 Premium Early Demo Event. This event will be held in July according to the following schedule:

  • Tokyo: Laforet Museum Roppongi, July 4 and July 5
  • Osaka: Dojima River Forum, July 12
  • Nagoya: Port Messe Nagoya Event Hall, July 19

Monster Hunter 3 hits the Wii on August 1.

Each event will feature a premium demo corner offering a demo based off the latest version of the game, and a variety of "enjoyable" contents corners with unspecified special exhibits. Capcom is also preparing special gifts just for attendees.

The event is open exclusively to members of the Monster Hunter Club, a free mobile fan club service that started on April 1. Members can apply for admission from May 28 through June 11 at 23:59. In the extremely unlikely event that there's significant interest, participants will be chosen by drawing.

In its press release about the event, Capcom noted that it's looking into methods to ensure visitor safety in light of the spread of swine flu.

How about complimentary Monster Hunter 3 masks?

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