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Idol Master Tour Cancelled Due to Swine Flu

Virtual producers denied!


Namco Bandai announced today that as a result of the outbreak of swine flu in the Osaka and greater Kansai areas, it has cancelled the Osaka leg of its The Idol Master 4th Anniversary Special Dream Tour's!! concert event. The event was to be held on the 23rd at Nanba Hatch.

For those who already paid the 6,500 yen ticket charge, the company is looking into either holding a substitute showing, or refunding the ticket charge. It asks that fans hold on to their tickets for the time being.

The Nagoya leg of the event, held this past weekend, saw the announcement of an Idol Master sequel. The Tokyo event, set for the 30th, is scheduled to see another major Idol Master announcement separate from the sequel.

The concert is also set to hit Fukuoka on May 24. The Fukuoka will continue as scheduled, Namco Bandai says. As for the Tokyo showing, the company is looking into holding the event as planned, but is keeping an eye on the state of things. Tokyo recently saw its first cases.

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