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More ways to play Rittai Picross and Made in Ore!


Nintendo made available today the latest download content for Rittai Picross and Made in Ore.

Picross players now have access to the top entries in the game's first puzzle creation contest. Held from April 1 through April 25, the contest was themed around Spring and saw entries focused on such things as sakura (cherry blossoms) and school entrance ceremonies. Sakura-themed submissions alone numbered nearly 700!

In the end, Nintendo settled on five submissions. In order of rank from top to fifth, they are: Sakura Tree, Hanami (flower viewing), Randoseru (a Japanese backpack), Tulip, and Start of School. See all the winners at Nintendo's Picross page.

The top three Picross winners.

As previously detailed, the game's second contest, themed around insects and plants, runs through May 25, with the winner being announced in mid June.

Outside of the contest winners, upcoming download content from Nintendo includes Nintendo Hardware on 5/28, Dinosaurs on 6/4, and Sea 2 on 6/11. Hmm... Nintendo hardware?

The Made in Ore download content shop was updated with a slew of celebrity puzzles from editors of Famitsu DS+Wii, Nintendo Dream, Dengeki Nintendo, and the like. Perhaps the biggest name in the bunch is Kouji Ooishi, who delivered a game featuring characters from his gag manga Inumaru Dash.

These new downloads will be available for a limited time, so get downloading!

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