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New Dragon Ball Sites Open

Get a first real glimpse at the new Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360 titles.


You might have read some recent reports about new Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360 Dragon Ball games that were revealed in leaked copies of an upcoming issue of Weekly Jump. Well, the games are very much real, and Namco Bandai is now sharing them with the world.

Both Dragon Ball Tenkaichi Daibouken and Dragon Ball Raging Blast got teaser websites today. But different from your typical teaser sites, these offer a pretty good visual glimpse at the games at hand.

Raging Blast is in development for the Xbox 360 and PS3. The official site flashes keywords like "destruction," "high speed," and "battle strategy" against images of combat that looks like it was pulled right out of Sparking. "The strongest 3D battle," as the game is referred to at the official site, is currently without a final release date.

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A bit more intriguing if you happen to be me (and I know you're not, but I'm just saying) is the Wii title. Set for release this summer, Dragon Ball Tenkaichi Daibouken, looked, in its Jump debut, like a side scrolling action title. That seems to be accurate:

Text at the official site promises "flashy action" and "new style 3D side scrolling action." Players will get to "adventure in a nostalgic yet new Dragon Ball world," with "classic scenes revived on the Wii." The closing message says "Adults and children -- everyone become Goku on the Wii!".

While both sites are lacking in solid details, given the success of Dragon Ball overseas, I imagine we'll hear more at E3.

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