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Q Entertainment Joins Home

Items for Lumines and Angel Love now available. Some free!


Lumines and Angel Love publisher Q Entertainment hopped aboard the Home bandwagon today. And it brought along a bunch of goodies, some of which are being given away for free!

Home users now have access to 10 Angel Love Online and 17 Lumines Super Nova avatar items. Most of the items run for 100 yen, but each game offers two freebies.

I'm certain most of you know all there is to know about Lumines. The other game, Angel Love Online, is an MMORPG from Taiwan's UserJoy Technology. It's free-to-play -- a common thing on the PC, but a unique experience for PS3. Q will follow that game up with a second free-to-play RPG later this year: Angel Senki.

Here's a thumbnail image for each of Q's new items. Larger in-Home images for a few of the items can be found below.

[end_p text="Click here for a look at the Q Entertainment Home items" /]

Angel Love: free male and female shirts
Angel Love: 100 yen male and female hats
Angel Love: 100 yen male shirts
Angel Love: 100 yen female shirts
Lumines: free shirts
Lumines: 100 yen male and female hats
Lumines: 100 yen shirts
Lumines: 100 yen shirts
Lumines: 100 yen shirts
Angel Love Hat
This is just a bit creepy.
Angel Love in your space!
Trying on Lumines clothes.
Lumines around Home.

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