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Sony Teaches Physics with Hot Shots Golf, Math with LocoRoco

Why didn't they have this when I was a kid?


Sony is reaching out to students using the language they know best: video games! The company is once again teaming up with the Association of Corporation and Education (ACE) NPO this year for the Career Education Support Program.

Sony has been running this program with ACE since 2005. The goal of the program is to support student growth and also promote an understanding of the game contents industry.

Last year, the program reached 2,672 students at 25 schools throughout Japan. In that installment, the program offered eight classes. Of these, "People who Work at Game Companies" and "The Unexpected Relationship between Math and Game Development" (these are my own English translations of the Japanese names) proved particularly popular amongst both teachers and students.

This year's program has been branded "Career Education Support Program: Classes and Work Connected Through Games." The focus will be on the two popular courses from last year along with a new course: The Unexpected Relationship between Physics and Game Development." The new class will make use of Minna no Golf 5 (Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds) to teach natural physics, and also to show how physics is used in game programming.

Other areas of the curriculum include returning classes like "Learn Fractions Through LocoRoco" and "Learn Copyright Laws through Games."

Hot Shots Golf and LocoRoco in the classroom.

Further (Japanese language) details on the educational program can be seen at this page off Sony's corporate site. You can also access ACE's official information on the program here. The ACE site has a PDF showing the LocoRoco course in detail.

The reason this story is making news today is that Sony has started today accepting applications for participation in the program. The applications are done at the school level, and since I don't think I have any Japanese superintendents reading my blog, I'll leave it at that.

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