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Kojima Productions Announces Announcement For Some Time in the Near Future

The storm grows more violent. A new letters appear.


The 99 ran out at the Kojima Productions "NEXT" teaser site, and we were left with:

Joining our "5" or possibly "S" is something that is almost certainly an "e" and something that is almost certainly a "3."

There's also an "E," which I didn't notice initially because -- well, come on -- there's a 5 and an e, and a 3... and it's just confusing!

A couple of other notable points. The weather at the site is more violent (although for the record, it's nice and sunny today in Tokyo). Also, the characters now have a bit of color, flashing orange initially, then fading to blue before disappearing.

The counter is also a lot longer this time -- to the tune of about 120 hours (the above images display errors with the flash). That translates to an unveil -- probably of yet another counter -- on the morning of the 27th, I believe.

So we have a 5, e, 3, and E, or possibly a S, e, 3, and E.

And approximately 120 hours to speculate.

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