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7-Eleven Removes Metal Gear Reference

Idol Master DS goes missing too.


Looks like Konami didn't like its intricately crafted teaser campaign being unraveled by a mere convenience store.

The 7-Eleven online listing for the July issue of Famitsu PS3+PSP has been updated, and now contains no reference to Metal Gear. The "content" section now says "accepting pre-orders."

The new 7-Eleven listing.

The shop also updated its July Gemaga listing to remove reference to Idol Master DS. Instead, the contents area now simply lists an Idol Master SP sticker and a DVD.

The Famitsu Xbox 360 listing has not been changed and still lists Bionic Commando and a Death Smiles poster.

If you have no idea what all this 7-Eleven business is all about, see this story from late yesterday. The summary version is that Idol Master DS and Metal Gear were mentioned indirectly in 7-Eleven retail listings last night.

Don't fret, Metal Gear Maniacs! There are plenty more convenience stores in Japan, and it's very likely that at least one will step up to plate with another leak while we wait for the next next Kojima Productions Next site update.

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