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Namco Bandai Plans Replacement for Osaka Idol Master Concert

Swine flu be damned!


Yesterday, virtual producers throughout Kansai were driven to the bottle with Namco Bandai's announcement that it was canceling the Osaka leg of its Idol Master 4th Anniversary Party Special Dream Tour's!! concert event due to concerns over the swine flu outbreak.

Well stop your boozing, VPs! You'll get your Idol Master concert event yet! Although you'll have to wait until July.

Namco Bandai announced a replacement concert for the Osaka event. In place of the original May 23 event, the new event will be held on July 23 at 18:00. The location is the same: Namba Hatch.

Those who cannot make the new time will be able to get their money back. Check the Idol Master official site for details.

Now let's pray the Tokyo event goes on as scheduled. There's apparently a new Idol Master product waiting to be announced there!

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