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The mysterious fourth letter at the Kojima Productions Teaser Site

A Japanese site says that it's not an "e," but a...


The Kojima Productions teaser site was updated Friday morning with stormier skies, a longer countdown, and three new letters. Joining the "5" or possibly "S" that occasionally flashed across the screen in the first teaser site were three additional characters, two of which are pretty much universally agreed to be "E" and "3."

The three characters everyone seems to agree on.

It's the fourth character that's causing somewhat of a stir.

The mysterious fourth character.

I originally viewed that as an "e," which makes it a bit difficult to figure out what the message is. Some sites appear to be speculating that it's an "@" symbol, which could leave you with the message: "5@E3," or Metal Gear Solid 5 At E3.

Now for a Japanese perspective on the matter. ITmedia posted its own story about the site today. They agree about the E, 3, and 5 (or possibly S). But they took the last character to be the kanji for "snake," as in the sixth sign in the Chinese zodiac.

Is this what the Japanese see at the site?

It seems a bit doubtful to me that Kojima Productions would put in a character that's not readable to English speaking audiences. But this is certainly another interesting take on a teaser campaign that seems to be serving its purpose well.

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